Kim Kardashian’s Family Empire Crumbles: Reality Show Axed, Business Collapses — Hooray!

kim kardashian cancelled

kim kardashian cancelledKim Kardashian and her family’s empire is starting to crumble as sources reveal Keeping Up with the Kardashians could potentially be cancelled within the next two years.

The entire Kardashian clan are constantly on edge about every little thing. The dynamic they may have once had is no longer there.

Kim is stuck up to Kanye’s butt, Khloe is trying to overcome her divorce drama, Kris is making out with young men, Bruce is turning into a woman. It’s all a mess.

Well, their mess could be good for Kardashian haters as insiders close to the family reveal their reality show could eventually be axed over the heated feuds that are now emerging between the siblings. 

Kim reportedly had a huge falling out with her sisters earlier this month when they were filming scenes in Miami. The 33-year old was heard shouting: “You’d be nothing without me,” insisting that hadn’t it been for the reality star’s sex tape, Khloe and Kourtney wouldn’t be famous.

Okay — this would be the only time I can agree with Kim’s point.

Either way, Kim and her family are not feeling the whole reality show thing anymore. The bootylicious starlet admitted last year that she will be leaving the program in a few seasons time so that she can focus on new ventures but refused to be more specific.

Everyone is in a different space now — filming their reality show is no longer their priority and producers are noticing it too. The youngest ones, Kendall and Kylie, are hardly ever on the show as they’re launching their own careers, especially Kendall and her modeling gigs.

Meanwhile, Rob Kardashian is depressed in his room and won’t do anything about his weight gain. Instead of hitting the gym, he’d eat more junk food and then wonder why he’s packed on extra pounds.

You can see where this is going, right?

The family’s contract with E! runs out once they’ve wrapped season 10 in 2015. Sources are strongly hinting that execs may not be interested in bringing the Kardashians back seeing that the “family show” was more or less no longer seen that way.

Written by Merema Leures

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