Kristen Stewart Invites Robert Pattinson To Birthday Party: Desperate To Reconcile With...

Kristen Stewart Invites Robert Pattinson To Birthday Party: Desperate To Reconcile With Ex-Boyfriend?


kristen stewart robert pattinsonKristen Stewart is planning on inviting ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson to her 24th birthday, in hopes that the two can finally reconcile.

Yup, it’s almost been a year since the two split after growing apart. Well, it was more a less Rob’s decision to end the relationship seeing that he supposedly didn’t feel Kristen was being faithful to him.

But now that both actors have taken a year apart from each other, Kristen seems to be the person to make the first move on trying to make something happen. And by that, we mean the “first move” to get back together with the ex.

Kristen’s birthday is on April 9th; she’s already planned a small birthday party with family and friends but is holding out for one more invite, which will be Rob.

“Kristen wants to celebrate her upcoming birthday with her close friends in LA, and she wants Rob to join them as well,” a so-called source tells HollywoodLife.

“Even though she hasn’t seen Rob for the longest time, they still talk all the time. They text, Skype. They are both pretty much in the same place right now, just focusing on work and staying focused.”

It’s fair to say that this media outlet has one of the biggest obsessions with R-Patz and Kristen, having wrongly informed fans in the past that Robert had slept over K-Stew’s house since their break-up among other shenanigans that have all been denied by the actress’ rep.

So to believe this story would be like believing Kim Kardashian when she said her sex tape was accidentally leaked, and 100% wasn’t her fault. Umm, okay — whatever you say.

But what if this is true? It’s true that both of them are single and have been dedicating most of their time to their film careers. Perhaps a reunion would be nice for the two, even if it’s just on friendly terms.



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