Naya Rivera Sparks Boob Implants Rumors, Instagram Photo Proves Surgical Procedure

Naya Rivera Sparks Boob Implants Rumors, Instagram Photo Proves Surgical Procedure


naya rivera beachRumors are swirling that Big Sean’s fiancee Naya Rivera has gotten breast implants after the actress posted up new photos of herself with… well… huge boobs!

Huge to the point where you can see a massive difference between the before and after photos. To be honest, they look a little ridiculous on her small frame but hey, whatever you gotta do to keep your man, right? Haha – just kidding.

Naya, who has been imitating Kim Kardashian’s looks and style for a few months now may have officially morphed into the reality star after allegedly undergoing a breast augmentation. The Glee starlet has yet to deny or even comment on the claims.

There’s nothing wrong with getting implants, especially when you’re big wedding day is coming up — you want to make sure the breasts are the right size when you take those memorable photos, right?

I’m sorry but I can’t take this seriously. The photo itself which Naya posted online is one of the pics you’d expect from a Kardashian to post — the “look at, look at me” kind of picture you wouldn’t expect from a Hollywood actress.

Many blogs, including theYBF have pointed out that Rivera has definitely had some work done, there’s no denying it but I’m not going to judge until I know her reasons for doing it.

Naya Rivera seems like she could be the type to do something just because she’s “hopelessly in love” with her beau (and no, I’m not insisting Big Sean forced her to do this) but it’s all just a little out of nowhere.

Just when I was beginning to like this latina, I’m turned off by the Kardashian-like attitude and behavior she’s giving off. The implants are a 9/10 though. Very Pamela Anderson-ish.

Do you think she’s gotten her boobs done?


naya rivera before



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