Keyshia Cole Talks Beyonce Diss, Divorce Rumors From Daniel Gibson On The Breakfast Club

keyshia cole breakfast clubKeyshia Cole stopped through the Breakfast Club this week, and as you can imagine, the radio DJs had a lot to talk about. Merely the whole Beyonce diss situation!

If you’re a fan of the POWER 105 radio show, you’d know that Charlamagne famously gave Keyshia Donkey of the Day after she was throwing shade at Michelle Williams for looking “odd” on stage as Bey and Kelly joined her for the Destiny’s Child reunion at the Super Bowl.

Keyshia never addressed the situation, so today was the first time she really touched upon the subject.

But of course the interview wasn’t all negative.

Okay — there was another thing. Ha! Her supposed break-up from Daniel Gibson who has made a name for himself on the blogs for allegedly hooking up with several different strippers and groupies.

Cole famously called her man out on her Loyal freestyle (which you can also hear below) so the interview was a solid piece for Keyshia to set the record straight on some things and prove to people that she really ain’t that crazy as people make her out to be.

Keyshia, but that’s why we love you! Look at me, totally forgetting the fact that she’s also promoting new music, having recently dropped her latest single Rick James featuring Juicy J.

Excerpts below:

Her Beyonce diss
I love Beyoncé. Well the thing is I met Beyoncé a few times and she’s a sweet girl. I just felt like that [song] wasn’t her thing. Like dude said, she switched it up or something. That’s just not what I know of her.

Situation with Michelle
She started that [whole thing] and it really hurt my feelings too because she’s Christian and a church girl and all of that. We talk on the phone and you apologize for taking the tweet down that you said about me in the first place. I just felt like everybody jumped on me because I’m from Oakland, I’m the ghetto chick and I’m always starting stuff in actuality I’m just saying how I feel. I don’t feel like I was starting nothing with her, I was just getting her back for what she said to me.

I felt like, ‘Damn, everybody going in on me!’ You got ol’ boy ‘Hamburglar’ (The-Dream) up here talking. You got Rico Love up here going in on me and everybody defending her but in actuality she called me and apologized. She said she never should have tweeted that or whatever.

What was tweeted
I was at the Soul Train Awards and she said, ‘Oh, I didn’t even know you could use autotune at the Soul Train Awards. What’s that about?’ That was when [inaudible] was alive and he worked with Ron Fair and they used to do that to my voice and I hated that. But with Ron controlling my projects there was nothing I could really do about that.

Michelle Williams — y’all good?
I’m good.

On divorce rumors
I just want to put my music out and sit in my own craziness and chill out for a minute. I don’t even really know what I want to do right now. I don’t really want to talk about it or go into it.

On her situation with her supposed soon-to-be ex-hubby
We co-parent. He’s a great father. At 8:30am he comes and take DJ to school every morning and I pick him up, we good.

I’ll never be the kind of woman… no mater how much I dislike this man, it will never be to a point where he can’t see his son, period.

If NBA ballers can be faithful

I did! I really did, I believed in that. On top of that we just had so much of a good relationship I felt like it wouldn’t be possible.

If she can repair her marriage
I just rather avoid those kind of questions for my son’s sake. We’ll know it as the time goes by what’s going to happen. I want to situation to play out. I just want to protect my son, that’s it.

What she’s learned about marriage
The fact that it is really, really hard. You have to give and pull to give, give, give and give. It takes two; it’s not just one person that can just give. You got to find out what you’re doing wrong. What is he doing wrong? How can we fix this? Because if you’re not happy in a relationship, somebody is gonna step out. Because they’re going to get it from somewhere else. Whatever it is they’re missing or whatever you’re lacking. That’s why it’s supposed to be the best relationships, best friends.

Like whenever I pick someone that I really want to be with or that person picks me. Let’s be best friends. Can we be best friends?

On her relationship with her mom
No, it’s just chaos and I don’t want that around him. I want to protect him from that kind of chaos.

Who she runs to when she needs guidance
I got my cousins, which is like my best friend, my sister. My brothers are around. Manny is around. My mom, Yvonne. I haven’t spoken to Frankie in a minute.

Relationship with family
They don’t have my number. It’s a respect thing for one, and the last time I had my mom around I sent her through rehab and I tried to really help her. I spent a lot a lot of money on (trying to get her help) and I wasn’t even out at the time. I wasn’t doing shows or nothing like that, I was just making sure DJ was straight. She just took it way too far, yelling in my house and luckily my child was sleep. And after that I was just like, ‘Nah.’ You know you have to make an adult decision to move that out.

If she’s happy
Am I genuinely happy? It’s a little difficult to be happy right now.

Forthcoming projects
This is actually my last record with Interscope. I was talking to Baby from Cash Money for a little while about some things. I don’t know what’s going to happen with that.

Written by Merema Leures

Hi, my name is Merema. If learning about pop culture was a degree I could've studied when I decided to take on a three-year course at college, I would've probably had the highest grades in my class. But instead, I settled for a BA in Film and a Master's in Filmmaking.

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