Chris Brown’s Jail Time: Says He Feels Like “An Animal In A...

Chris Brown’s Jail Time: Says He Feels Like “An Animal In A Cage,” Vows To Never Mess Up Again!


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Chris Brown has told friends on the phone that he feels like “a caged animal” as he continues his stint in jail following the news that he broke three internal rules in rehab.

The singer is supposedly shaken up by what he’s seen in jail, and it hasn’t even been a week since he was put behind bars yet. Imagine how he’ll feel once he’s been in there for the extra four weeks he has to do before he’s outta there? 

The 24-year old has spoken to his close pals and family members on the phone since being put in jail and according to sources close to Chris’ camp, Chris is finding it hard to keep it together. He feels trapped, almost like an animal and struggles to find himself since he’s locked up all day.

Well, that’s what happens when you get put in jail. You do a crime, you do the time.

chris brown jail

According to TMZ, Brown swears that once he finishes his time in jail, he’ll become a better man and change his life, having said on the phone that being behind bars has been “the worst experience of my life.”

It’s good for Chris to get a taste of what it’ll be like if he continues behaving the way he does. Coming from a Chris Brown fan, I really hope that he’ll get his act together this time and focus more on the music than the drama that he surrounds himself with.

We told you earlier this week that Chris’ lawyers are negotiating a deal that could see the singer be released from jail by Monday if all things go to plan, so we shall see what happens with that.

As for Breezy’s forthcoming album release for the record, X, the record label have decided to push it back so that they can give Chris some time to get himself together before he goes on his promotional tour.

Tip: Chris, prevent yourself from dropping the soap when you’re showering. That’s all I’m going to say.

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