Kristen Stewart Pregnancy Rumors Emerge; Fans Speculate Whether Robert Pattinson Is The...

Kristen Stewart Pregnancy Rumors Emerge; Fans Speculate Whether Robert Pattinson Is The Baby’s Father

kristen stewart pregnant

kristen stewart pregnantKristen Stewart’s camp are denying rumors that she’s pregnant after packing on 15 pounds in a matter of weeks.

The rumor started earlier this month after it was claimed that to land herself the acting role she had hoped for, Kristen needed to put on the weight. Obviously whoever came up with the “story” didn’t know that, so word got out and now Kristen ain’t happy.

Several blogs were quick to jump to the conclusion that even Robert Pattinson could be the father, which is pretty hilarious seeing that the two are not only seeing each other, they haven’t been in contact for quite some time despite false reports.

A source close to Kristen shared: “Kristen is absolutely not pregnant. She has put on a few extra pounds for a movie role and that’s it.”

“She’s already so thin so a few more pounds makes a noticeable difference. Don’t get me wrong, Kristen would love to be a mom one day and have little rugrats running around, but not for a while. Her priority right now is her work.”

I doubt Kristen would take this pregnancy story in a way that would make her upset — surely she was annoyed because people then went on to claim that Rob was the baby’s father.

The 23-year old is currently filming Still Alice in New York so we’re going to assume that the extra weight was needed to play that particular role, though the source never went on to discuss that matter.

And not to forget, this story comes just days after it was alleged that for her 24th birthday, Kristen plans on inviting R-Patz to the bash and celebrate. Her intentions are supposedly to try and win him back after their split last year.

So there ya have it. Kristen ain’t preggers.

kristen stewart pregnant



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