Maleficent MAC Makeup Collection — Get Angelina Jolie’s Witch Look! (DETAILS)

Maleficent MAC Makeup Collection — Get Angelina Jolie’s Witch Look! (DETAILS)

maleficent makeup

maleficent makeup

Maleficent, the movie will be out in just over two months.

It’s quite a long wait, but in the meantime fans can stock up on getting the same look Angelina Jolie sported throughout the movie thanks to Disney’s latest partnership with MAC Cosmetics.

An 11-piece collection has been designed with heavy influence on Maleficent herself; from eye liners, lipsticks, nail and facial products, everything a girl could possibly want, right?

Though, I’d highly recommend you don’t do the exact make-up that Angie has in the film because, well, you’d scare off a lot of people and since it isn’t Halloween, it’s probably not appropriate to walk around the streets looking like Maleficent.

Either way, the collection looks nice and the partnership with MAC will definitely raise a few more millions to Disney’s revenue once the merchandise, make-up products and DVDs all end up going on sale.

The movie is already predicted to easily enter the top 3 movies of 2014 seeing that the trailer alone has already received over 20 million hits on YouTube. Several fan sites have been made in preparation for the movie’s release so people can discuss their favorite moments, etc.

Do note that the latest MAC collection for the Maleficent movie is only on sale for a limited time — most likely until the film’s release, so stock up now and start mixing all that good stuff together! Just don’t leave the house wearing it, you don’t want to frighten anyone. Haha.

maleficent makeup maleficent makeup



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