Brandi Glanville Was Banned From Lady Gaga Video Shoot Over Lisa Vanderpump...

Brandi Glanville Was Banned From Lady Gaga Video Shoot Over Lisa Vanderpump Feud — REPORT


brandi glanville photoBrandi Glanville was not invited to the video shoot of Lady Gaga’s new music video G.U.Y, it has been revealed.

The reality star was absent on the day of shooting and is nowhere to be seen in the visual of the song because Gaga allegedly didn’t want Brandi anywhere near her.

In case you didn’t know, Gaga and Lisa Vanderpump are really good friends, so if you take this into consideration with what has been happening on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with Brandi constantly picking on Lisa for being a “bad friend” it makes perfect sense.

Though some of the other cast mates were making a big fuzz over Vanderpump’s behavior towards them on the show, Gaga probably felt that Brandi was the ringleader to all the messiness that had started the big debate on whether Lisa was genuine or not.

real housewives lady gaga

Brandi failed to respond to thousands of comments which came through on her Twitter page after fans failed to spot her in the video. Well, Brandi has an excuse of her own as to why she wasn’t at Gaga’s video shoot, she was “busy promoting her new book” which made it difficult to find time to be at both projects.

Now you can take it however you want it, but it sounds to me like someone’s covering up from embarrassment — Lady Gaga didn’t want you there and now you’re making up an excuse to shy away from what the real reason was.

Take into consideration that the music video was filmed months ago, whereas Brandi’s book only came out last month. What’s the name of it again? Anybody know? Haha.

As for Joyce Giraud, she actually couldn’t come to the set as she was still dealing with the death of her father, which in our opinion is a genuine reason to not be at a video shoot, don’t you think?

Brandi, I’m disappointed in your lies.



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