Jay-Z Disses Drake On New Jay Electronica Track ‘We Made It’, Calls...

Jay-Z Disses Drake On New Jay Electronica Track ‘We Made It’, Calls Him “Mrs. Drizzy”

jay-z drake feud

jay-z drake feudJay-Z went in on Drake on a new track titled We Made It, where he refers to the rapper as “Mrs. Drizzy.”

Didn’t know the two were in a feud? Well, let us explain.

So a few months back, Drake did an interview where he expressed his feelings on art and rap coming together for what the interviewer describes as “good music”.

You have Kanye doing the whole Jesus thing, Jay and his Pablo Picasso references, and those two are just to name a few.

Drake’s approach and response to the question was that he doesn’t feel the movement is genuine. Rap shouldn’t be categorized under art, it should be what it has been for the past two decades — real street talk, sharing life experiences and true stories.

He explained: “It’s like Hov can’t drop bars these days without at least four art references. I would love to collect [art] at some point, but I think the whole Rap/art world thing is getting kind of corny.”

Damn! Drake called Jay-Z “corny” and didn’t think he’d hear back from the legendary rapper? Well, his ass was on fire last night when Jay dropped his featured verse from the Jay Eletronica song We Made It.

The 44-year old raps: “Sorry Mrs. Drizzy for so much art talk. Silly me, rappin’ bout sh*t that I really bought / While these rappers rap about guns that they ain’t shot / And a bunch of other silly sh*t they ain’t got.”

Mrs. Drizzy has pretty much become a thing that all rappers are calling Drake these days due to his personality and behavior. We all know Drake can take things very seriously at times, whether it’s a joke or an actual diss — Drake wasn’t “built” like that, if you get what we mean.

He’s still beefing with Charlamagne tha God because the radio personality said his music was aimed at females and males couldn’t relate to it while Kendrick Lamar called Drizzy out for being a sissy on his follow-up to the Control verse.

Don’t go thinking that these guys (Drake and Jay) are taking this lyrical beef seriously though, it’s just a little entrainment to keep the Hip Hop movement going. After all, this genre is all about beefs and outdoing one another on songs.



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