Justin Theroux Using Jennifer Aniston’s Skincare Products To Stay Youthful

Justin Theroux Using Jennifer Aniston’s Skincare Products To Stay Youthful


justin theroux skinJustin Theroux is obsessed with Jennifer Aniston’s skincare products, which will definitely be the headline of another tabloid this week.

I can already see this week’s tabloid story now: Justin Theroux Gay: Justin’s Real Reason For Ending Jennifer Aniston Engagement. It’s always something new with the tabloids, right? Haha.

There’s nothing wrong with a man using their partner’s skincare products, right? Especially when it’s coming from Jen-Aniston who has gorgeous skin for her age (45).

She could easily pass for thirty!

Aniston recently admitted in an interview that she finds it adorable her man tries out her products every now and then to keep up with his own look, and it seems to be doing wonders for him too.

“He’s good to his skin, that’s for sure. It’s always, ‘what are you using, what is that?’ It’s cute… It’s hysterical. What product doesn’t he try to hijack? He’s got gorgeous skin. Perfect skin.”

I’m going to assume it’s not any of those off-the-counter kinda junk, right? Jen probably gets specialized stuff made for her by dermatologists.

And her talking about her future hubby just goes to show that the two are not splitting up despite constant reports in the tabloids claiming that Jen is pregnant and Justin has ditched her, along with many other bogus stories.

If we had to count how many times we’ve seen the ‘Jennifer Aniston Pregnant’ headline on a magazine or tabloid, we’d be rich forever. I assume that Jennifer just stays pregnant for eternity, which would be the only way to explain why she hasn’t birthed all those children yet.

What do you guys make of Justin’s skincare routine. Should he use Jennifer’s products to keep himself looking youthful and spotless?



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