Mila Kunis Pregnant With Child: Ashton Kutcher Ecstatic Over Baby News, Friends...

Mila Kunis Pregnant With Child: Ashton Kutcher Ecstatic Over Baby News, Friends Confirm


ashton kutcher mila kunis pregnantAshton Kutcher is finally going to be a daddy!

Mila Kunis is expecting her first child to the actor, a close friend has confirmed to E! News, and the baby is reportedly due sometime this year.

The first thing that was on my mind as soon as I heard “close friend” was that the story is probably bogus, seeing that Mila and Ashton are super private. Their pals would know they don’t want their business out in the media like that.

But the story has been confirmed by several media outlets which leads us to believe it’s true, though it’d be funny if this was all one big hoax.

Anyway, sources reveal that the rumors about Mila’s pregnancy have been going crazy in the last few weeks — just last week one magazine speculated whether the actress was pregnant after “sporting a baby bump” in Los Angeles.

Mila is supposedly already so far along that she’s been told the gender of the baby while assuring family and friends she was not having twins.

What’s great about their baby news is that just weeks before, they made the announcement that they were engaged so everything’s really falling in the right places for them. Marriage, babies, the whole lot.

Congratulations to the couple. And Demi Moore, please respect their privacy and don’t start phoning Ashton like crazy on how upset you probably you are. Haha.



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