Miley Cyrus Alone & Lonely: Struggles To Cope Being By Herself After...

Miley Cyrus Alone & Lonely: Struggles To Cope Being By Herself After Split From Liam Hemsworth

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Miley Cyrus may be causing a lot of tabloid headlines over her scandalous new image, but when she returns home at the end of the day, she’s lonelier than ever.

Cyrus has been enjoying a lot of success in recent months following her performance at the VMAs last year — giving the word ‘publicity’ a whole new meaning.

Her records have been selling out like crazy, her concert tickets are sold out and her net worth is quickly rising above $150 million.

So what can this 21-year old be possibly upset about?

Several reports are saying that Miley feels empty and lonely when she’s not working because she’s no longer in a relationship and doesn’t have a lot of close friends she’d want to surround herself with.

Her split from Liam Hemsworth was a painful thing she went through, a source explained. In fact, months before the break-up was official, Miley admitted to only having stayed with Liam because she was “so scared of ever being alone” in her multi-million dollar California home.

“Being alone has always been a fear of Miley’s, and she tried to pretend after the split with Liam that she enjoyed her newfound freedom — but the fact of the matter is that she’s painfully lonely,” one source dished.

“Now she’s living alone in this big empty house, no boyfriend to speak of, and when it comes to friends she doesn’t have any real meaningful connections. She’s surrounded by party people or friends of convenience.”

Miley is left puzzled because she’s unsure of what she’ll do once her tour ends in June — she’s already stressed that she wants to put her mansion on sale which could hint that she may move back in with her parents.

“Miley’s lonely and whether it looks like it or not, she’d like to find a guy to settle down with,” which definitely won’t happen if she continues doing what she’s currently doing. No mature man will approach a 21-year old that twerks on stage with no booty. Such foolery. Haha.



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