Nene Leakes’ Husband Gregg Checks Peter Thomas For Confronting His Wife, Nene...

Nene Leakes’ Husband Gregg Checks Peter Thomas For Confronting His Wife, Nene Calls Him A “B*tch”

peter thomas gregg leakes

peter thomas gregg leakes

Nene Leakes’ husband Gregg was doing the most on last night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, trying to check Peter Thomas over his recent encounter with his wife.

First and foremost, this episode was everything.

I think I speak for everybody when I say that the way Gregg went off on Peter last night was probably the first time we’ve seen him get really angry about something.

He’s defending his wife over something Nene had said, and he had every right to speak his mind and stick up for his woman, but he handled it totally wrong.

Gregg argued that Peter was the one who supposedly went up to Nene and was all in her face, asking why she was throwing shade at Kenya Moore Whore’s charity event.

Little did Gregg know that Nene was actually the one who approached Peter and demanded an explanation as to why he didn’t like the fact how she handled her messy little speech that she gave after Kenya invited her on stage.

“There will have to be a showdown if that happens again,” Gregg blurred. “You disrespected me. You confronted her. Don’t walk up on my wife.” Erm, Gregg you may want to rewind the clip and watch it back. Nene went up to him, not to other way around.

And yes, Peter can be very messy when it comes to the drama between all the ladies — it’s almost as if he wishes himself that he was a real housewife himself, but at least he’s an instigator which makes good television for us to watch. Haha.

“You wanna live?” Gregg went on to shout as he stood up from his chair and moved closer to Peter as if he was about to smack the living daylights out of him.

Totally unfazed by the whole thing, Peter then moved closer, insisting that he’s not going to change his actions since he didn’t do anything wrong.

kenya moore phaedra parks

Meanwhile Kenya has the nerve to tell Phaedra Parks that she should speak for herself when she said she and her husband Apollo Nida didn’t want to be friends with her.

“I have asked you not to speak to my husband outside my company,” Parks went on to say before Kenya responded: “I never tried to f*** your husband. I really don’t care about your relationship.”

I’m really curious to know as to why Apollo constantly runs back to Kenya and has these “one-to-one” chats with her. In my personal opinion, I think the two have had something going on behind Phaedra’s back and just don’t want to spill the beans on TV.

I’m pumped for next week’s episode because this one was a 9.5/10, would you agree?



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