Stacy Keibler Pregnant With Jared Pobre’s Child!

Stacy Keibler Pregnant With Jared Pobre’s Child!


stacy keibler pregnantStacy Keibler is taking the word “opportunist” to a whole new level after announcing she’s expecting her first child to newly-married hubby Jared Pobre.

A rep for the couple confirmed that the two are officially expecting their first child just weeks after marrying (and just months after she dumped George Clooney over his “no kids, no marriage” policy).

You’ve gotta respect Stacy’s hustle though.

After Clooney allegedly told her he didn’t want to have kids, she went on to find herself a new man who not only wants a family, but also happens to be worth millions and millions… oh, and more millions.

According to PEOPLE, Stacy has been pregnant for some time. How do we know this? Because sources reveal that she’s due this summer, which would make it obvious she’s been pregnant for at least two months.

Stacy, we can’t be mad at you. You’ve finally got what you wanted; a family of your own, a man who wasn’t scared to move to the next step, and most importantly money that’ll mean she’ll never have to work again.



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