Brad Pitt Teaming Up With Jennifer Aniston’s Friend Judd Apatow For Comedy...

Brad Pitt Teaming Up With Jennifer Aniston’s Friend Judd Apatow For Comedy Movie — How Will Jennifer Feel?

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jennifer aniston angelina jolie brad pitt 2Brad Pitt is reportedly planning to produce and star in a comedy movie with the help of his former friend Judd Apatow, who the actor has known for more than fifteen years.

The two supposedly went their separate ways after Brad filed to divorce Jennifer Aniston; Judd was very much on Jennifer’s side at the time and was stunned to learn his good pal was leaving Aniston for Angelina Jolie.

Nevertheless, it seems Brad wants to start a new beginning as RadarOnline reveals there’s a new movie which Pitt wants to start working on.

It’s a comedy film, which is something completely different for Brad who’s usually seen in more serious movies such as 12 Years a Slave.

The 50-year old is hoping that Apatow – famous for writing films like Superbad – will jump on the project in hopes to create one of the funniest movies of the year, but sources reveal that there still hasn’t been a reply.

“Brad has avoided doing comedies for several years but that’s going to change soon. He’s been making moves to butter up Judd, someone he’s known for more than 15 years,” the source says.

Judd “firmly sided with ‘Team Aniston’ during their divorce,” and now that the divorce is reaching its 10th anniversary, Brad feels it’s time to reconnect with the ones he shared a close bond with.

You can’t be mad forever, can you?

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“Brad wants Judd to write a new comedy with him in mind to re-introduce audiences to his comedic side. This all puts Judd in a tricky spot because of his longtime friend Jen.”

“But the divorce was a long time ago and Judd is very interested in writing and directing Brad.  He is going to do his best to make something work in the coming months,” the source continues before adding that Judd will most likely accept the offer in coming weeks.

The two have supposedly been distant from each other for almost a decade, and you really can’t hold on to things like that for your entire life. Especially when you had nothing to do with the situation to begin with, so Jen really shouldn’t be mad at her pal for wanting to work with Brad.

But would you say it’s a fair move to make for someone like Judd Apatow who has stayed close with Jennifer throughout all these years, while Brad suddenly reaches out to do a movie with him and he’s just expected to say yes and get on with the project? Tell us your thoughts.



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