Charlie Sheen’s Jealous Fiancee Brett Rossi Demands He Cuts Denise Richard’s Child...

Charlie Sheen’s Jealous Fiancee Brett Rossi Demands He Cuts Denise Richard’s Child Support Money


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Charlie Sheen is two months behind on child support and it’s all thanks to his fiancee Brett Rossi.

Several insiders close to the couple are now revealing that the Anger Management star has yet to make payments to ex-wife Denise Richards who’s still awaiting for the $55,000 a-month that she’s entitled to.

Charlie and Denise welcomed two kids into the world — Sam and Lola — and though the actor takes care of his kids when he’s with them, he’s now refusing to do the same when they’re with their mother by demanding to have the child support fee drastically reduced.

Sources say that Brett is to blame for Charlie’s wild behavior. The actor makes close to $1 million an episode on his hit TV-show, yet paying the mother of his children the sum that he initially agreed to is now becoming a problem for him. Brett thinks the money could be put to better use — for herself, perhaps?

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Either way, here’s what we know so far. “Brett has taken control of Charlie’s finances and she thinks he wastes huge amounts of money,” the insider explained.

“She successfully persuaded Charlie to withhold Denise’s child support… Charlie felt he was justified because Denise hasn’t allowed him to see their daughters, Sam and Lola.”

Denise has strongly denied Charlie’s claims that he wasn’t allowed to see his daughters. In fact, Charlie is claiming that the reason why he gave his baby mama and his kids the boot from his multi-million dollar mansion that they were staying at was down to Denise not letting him see the children.

That makes no sense to me. If you own the house, why can’t you pop by and see your kids? Charlie’s story is not adding up and I’m starting to believe that the woman by his side is strongly influencing his stupid decisions.

Sure, $55,000 a month sounds like a lot of money for a regular person, but for Charlie Sheen, it’s pocket money. His public rants on Twitter, like the other day when he tweeted: “#TooMuchChild$upport,” aren’t helping the situation one bit. Does anyone else sense another meltdown from the actor?

“Brett is watching every single dollar that comes in and out. She is obsessed with money. Anything that she perceives as being spent on anything but her is wasteful and wants to stop it.”



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