Sean Penn Cheating On Charlize Theron? Caught Kissing Famous Hot French Actress In Paris (PHOTO)

sean penn kissing adele exopolous cheat

sean penn cheating charlize theron adele exarchopolousSean Penn making out with Adele Exarchopolous in Paris last week has people believing that the famous actor has split from Charlize Theron.

The couple had only dated for six months and despite the fact that Charlize was convinced Sean was the right man for her, it seems like she’s been proven wrong seeing that her rumored-to-be ex-boyfriend was kissing Adele, a famous actress, in France over the weekend.

We checked up on Sean’s upcoming projects and they don’t show him having any kind of production deadlines with the actress.

In fact, Sean only has one movie coming out this year and it’s already gone into post-production.

If it’s true that Charlize and Sean have already split, it’d be heartbreaking for Theron’s two-year old son Jackson who formed a close bond with Madonna’s ex over the course of time he was spending over at their home.

Gee, it was only last month when it was heavily reported that Charlize was determined to make the next move and push for an engagement. She was really committed to the relationship, a source said, but wouldn’t take nonsense and if he was out of line, she’d ditch him right away.

Charlize Theron isn’t the kind of woman who’d put up with drama. Especially not now that she’s got a son in her life that she finds the need to protect at all times.

And Sean Penn… well, he hasn’t exactly got a squeaky clean image in Hollywood. Notoriously known as the “bad boy” who’s been linked to dozens of actresses in the last few decades since his career first took off, everybody was shocked when it was first announced the two were dating.

Shocked because we all know how Sean can get. I don’t know how in the world he’s going to deny kissing Adele, especially if the two hadn’t even split and Theron didn’t even know about this woman he was having lunch with.

Let’s hope this is a staged scene for a movie (though we already know it isn’t). There was us trying to come up with an excuse, but clearly it’s not working. Yikes! Charlize, find yourself a real man.

Image via CelebDirtyLaundry

sean penn kissing adele exopolous cheat

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