Tiny Cottle Admits Booty & Breast Implants On The Wendy Williams Show...

Tiny Cottle Admits Booty & Breast Implants On The Wendy Williams Show — VIDEO


tiny cottle implants wendy williamsTiny Cottle admitted on the Wendy Williams show earlier today that her booty was indeed fake — not that we all didn’t know that already.

Gotta admire her honesty though seeing that many celebs try and cover it up with the “my butt is real, my boobs are fake.” Well, Tiny is the real deal because she then also admitted to having had her breasts done too. Wowza!! 

The former Xscape member appeared on Wendy’s talk-show this morning to promote the forthcoming season of T.I & Tiny: Family Hustle, but the interview ended up being more about Tiny’s surgeries and her supposed break-up from her hubby than the show itself.

Wendy structured the interview quite well by getting the TV show questions out the way in the beginning and then moving on to the juicy parts.

“Is that booty a natural booty or a bought booty?” Wendy dared to ask Tiny who definitely wasn’t prepared for that question as she responded: “It’s.. it’s… it’s… it’s… it’s a little bought,” before awkwardly laughing it off. Haha.

Tiny also addressed rumors that she’s had her nose changed as well, but her reply to that was that she was considering on having it done but stopped herself from doing it at the last minute because she happens to have her “dad’s nose”.

In case you didn’t know, Cottle’s father, Charles, passed away last year so keeping the nose (as weird as it may sound) is better kept to remember her dad who she truly cared for and adored.

I’m sorry but I love Tiny for the fact that she admitted those damn booty implants. There’s nothing better than an honest woman, right? Catch the video below:


  1. I never thought she had a nose job, it was her lips I was wondering about. I knew the boobs and booty were altered.


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