Jada Pinkett Smith Rocks A Shorter Hair ‘Do With Red Bangs On ‘Gotham’ Set — PHOTOS

jada pinkett smith new hair 'do gotham setJada Pinkett Smith is rocking a new ‘do, but don’t get comfortable (or worried) with this new look because it doesn’t seem like it’ll be a permanent change for the actress.

Jada is currently in New York City filming scenes for her forthcoming show Gotham, expected to air on Fox later this year and by the look of things, she needed a whole new look to get into the role.

The wife of Will Smith seems to be rocking Rihanna’s signature look with the short hair and the bangs being all colorful.

Jada has the red bangs which tend to blend in quite well with the black hair, but as an overall look for someone like Ms. Pinkett. It’s not an everyday style that would suit Jada… not one bit. Or maybe that’s just because we’re used to seeing her with long hair.

Then again it’s all about getting into character, right? Jada is playing Fish Mooney, a woman who is described as a “sadistic gangster boss” and “almost extra-sensory abilities to read people like an open book.”

That haircut is usually rocked on women who want to set the message they are not the ones to be messed with. Haha — Jada Pinkett Smith is pulling a serious face too so the look seems to match the character’s personality quite well.

I’m stoked for this show to air. What d’ya think of Jada’s ‘do?

jada pinkett smith new hair 'do gotham set

Written by Merema Leures

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