Kim Kardashian Wants More Plastic Surgery Before Kanye West Wedding This Summer!

Kim Kardashian Wants More Plastic Surgery Before Kanye West Wedding This Summer!


kim kardashian surgeryIs Kim Kardashian really contemplating on having more plastic surgery done to her face in preparation for her wedding to Kanye West?

inTouch Weekly suggests that the reality star is definitely not done with her cosmetic work, especially now that she’s getting ready to marry the love of her life.

The 33-year old has been working really hard in the gym to get her body in top shape, and while her figure is pretty much already at that stage where she’s comfortable to wear any designer gown, Kim feels she may need a little help from her surgeon when it comes to her face.

Though she strongly denies having had work done on her face, the evidence in photos prove otherwise — her lips are much fuller now, her cheeks are puffy and her forehead is frozen, meaning that she’s also a frequent offender when it comes to using Botox.

There’s nothing wrong wanting to look your best on your wedding day — many women tend to try and get themselves in shape before their big day seeing that those photos are going to be remembered forever.

But to take it as far as getting more plastic surgery done, is pretty ridiculous. No word on what Kim plans on having “fixed” next but it definitely won’t be a permanent thing. She prefers having stuff done that wears off after a couple of weeks, such as Botox, etc.

Kanye and Kim plan to marry in May at a lavish ceremony in Paris, France. The wedding will reportedly be very private despite the fact that they’re inviting camera crew from the E! network to film scenes for the show. So much for private event.

Should Kim be considering getting more surgery for her wedding day or should she just leave her face alone?



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