Jennifer Hudson Quit WeightWatchers Over Feud With Jessica Simpson!

Jennifer Hudson Quit WeightWatchers Over Feud With Jessica Simpson!


jennifer hudson weightwatchersJennifer Hudson reportedly quit being a spokesperson for WeightWatchers because she was sick and tired of Jessica Simspon stealing the spotlight.

The hilarious report comes from the National Enquirer who allege that Jennifer finally made the decision to leave the company as Jessica was more and more overshadowing what the singer was doing, and knew that it was better off to leave.

“Jennifer felt that she was the perfect role model for Weight Watchers. She lost an enormous amount of weight slowly and steadily, and maintained her figure,” a source for the tabloid said.

Jennifer has lost over 100lbs since she started her endorsement deal and felt that Simpson was starting to take over the duties she was usually obliged to. It was also alleged that Jen-Hudson didn’t agree with the fact that Jessica was being paid $4 million, a huge difference from the supposed $1 million Hudson made annually.

“Jennifer wonders whether Jessica used her pregnancies as a way of buying time to lose weight and gain sympathy for her herself, and Jennifer thinks Jessica may be too eager to jump into the spotlight.”

“Jennifer came to think that Jessica didn’t take the program as seriously as she did,” the source continued before the National Enquirer goes on to further add that though WeightWatchers were determined to win Jennifer back, she had no interest working at a company with Jessica.


  1. Sorry, but if Jennifer chose to leave she’s a fool. A million dollars a year isn’t anything to sneeze at, especially for a woman who hasn’t had a hit album and only one profitable film.


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