Kim Kardashian’s eBay Charity Sales Revealed: Reality Star Cashes In As Only...

Kim Kardashian’s eBay Charity Sales Revealed: Reality Star Cashes In As Only 10% Is Donated To Kris Jenner’s Church


kim kardashian photoKim Kardashian is being put on blast once again.

But this time it’s for the amount of money she decided to give to charity from last year’s eBay auction.

You may recall the 33-year old holding a big auction on her official eBay page after Kanye West demanded she was to get rid of the “fugly” clothes she owned because the rapper didn’t agree with her choice of style.

Kim ended up auctioning all of the clothes off, but there was a huge debate on whether it was fair for her to list all the items and write in the description box that she would only be giving away 10% to charity as opposed to some celebs who give the full amount.

“The clothes I got rid of will be up on eBay for a charity auction! Going to Life Change Community Church [the church mom Kris Jenner helped found — and fund],” she tweeted at the time.

Well, thanks to RadarOnline, the media outlet has discovered the amount of money Kim made from the sales, how much she kept and how much she ended up giving away — let’s just say that Kim made a lot of money from that auction.

The reality star cashed in $399,500 from her eBay sales, but after the supposed listing fees, auction fees, etc. the money was drastically reduced to $179,775. At least this is what Kardashian claimed on her blog following the backlash she had received.

“When the eBay numbers get broken down, the auction management agency that posts for me gets a percentage for all their hard work, then, eBay listing fees, end of auction fees, eBay Store fees, Paypal fees, etc, all add up to about half the sale. Then I give 10% to charity.”

This leaves the Life Change Community Church with a total of $19,975 — a reasonable amount if you ask us, but others clearly don’t agree.

Users on Twitter have since responded to the news, saying that other stars such as Lady Gaga and Victoria Beckham usually hold auctions and end up giving the entire funds, sales, merchandise and anything that’s left behind, to charity.

At the end of the day, Kim Kardashian still ended up raising money for charity despite only having donated 10% and in her defence, the amount she had to pay off for the auction tax was a huge amount!

Do you think Kim should’ve given all of her money to charity or not?


  1. She should of posted the clothes anonymously and then given whatever money she felt to charity. She made more money than the charity, ergo, she shouldn’t have billed the sale as for charity.


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