Kesha Gets Rid Of Negative People Post-Anorexia Battle and Rehab Treatment

Kesha Gets Rid Of Negative People Post-Anorexia Battle and Rehab Treatment


kesha anorexicKesha is fresh outta rehab, and she doesn’t have time for people that are only going to spread negativity around her.

So what has she done? She’s fired a bunch of people in her camp because she strongly believes that not all of them had the right intentions for her health when she suffered a breakdown.

You may recall Kesha famously announcing she was heading to rehab for her battle with anorexia.

Her mother then went on to tell the world that the reason why her daughter went to rehab was because one of the people over at her record label said she looked like “a fridge.” Ouch!

If that was us, we wouldn’t have gone into depression over that. Instead, we would’ve thrown a few punches across the room, then sat on the douchebag to see if we really were as heavy as they claimed we were.

But on a serious note, Kesha thinks that getting rid some of her “party pals” who’ve been working with her, will do her good. She needs to get around more positive people who’ll keep her on the right track.

“She has eliminated all of the negative people and influences in her life,” an insider dished.

“She has surrounded herself with only supportive and loving friends and family… Kesha is back to practicing self-love and is at peace with herself. She’s found her inner strength and focus again.”

Good for you, Kesha!



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