Nicki Minaj’s Third Album ‘The Pink Print’ To Show “Growth,” and “Confidence,”...

Nicki Minaj’s Third Album ‘The Pink Print’ To Show “Growth,” and “Confidence,” Says Birdman


nicki minaj birdman betNicki Minaj’s forthcoming studio album, The Pink Print, is said to show “a lot of growth,” and “confidence,” according to Cash Money CEO Birdman.

The rapper was recently asked how Nicki’s project is coming along seeing that the Barbz are still waiting for Minaj to drop an official release date, though she hinted last year it would be out sometime in 2014.

“For the new album, [Nicki]‘s doing what she feels like doing and we’re supporting her. You hear a lot of growth in her music,” Birdman told Billboard.

“She’s coming confident and hard. We expect for this to be one of the biggest [albums] from her. It’s more rap. This album is going to have a little bit of everything but more rap.”

Nicki has already given us a taster of what we can expect from the new record, following the release of Lookin’ A** N***a, a foul-mouthed explicit certified club banger that sees the rapper go after the men in what could almost be considered a diss track.

The pressure is all on Nicki now. She’s got to deliver with this record, because a few of us questioned what Roman Reloaded was. It spanned a couple of hits, but it wasn’t as solid as Pink Friday — the production was quite off on RR.

But with rumored collaborations with Drake, Lil’ Wayne and possibly Kanye West and Beyonce (yes, Bey-on-ce) there’s no doubt that this album is going to please all the fans that may have felt a little disappointed in Nicki’s last effort.



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