Solange Knowles On Why She Got Divorced, Moving To New Orleans —...

Solange Knowles On Why She Got Divorced, Moving To New Orleans — Harper’s Bazaar April Feature!


solange harpers bazaar interviewSolange Knowles is featured in the latest Harper’s Bazaar issue (April).

The interview was rather interesting as the 27-year old discussed everything from wanting to be an artist at an early age to going through a divorce with her child’s father.

Check out the singer’s excerpts below:

Why she became a musician: “My parents constantly tried to talk me out of being an artist. They had gone through the whole journey with my sister and just wanted me to have a normal teenage life.”

 On her divorce: “In a lot of ways, emotionally and mentally, I feel far older than 27. Just going through a marriage and a divorce—which I essentially did by 21—will give you an insane amount of perspective on life.” 

On moving to New Orleans: “I’ve thought about moving to New Orleans for years but just never had the courage to do it. Now my son is at that age where he’s really establishing friends and a community, so I feel like this is a good time to try it out. I consider myself a dual citizen at this point.”



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