Rihanna Pregnant: Singer Sports Suspicious Baby Bump As She Cuts Caffeine Out...

Rihanna Pregnant: Singer Sports Suspicious Baby Bump As She Cuts Caffeine Out Of Her Life (PHOTOS)

rihanna baby bump

rihanna 2014Rihanna could potentially be pregnant following a series of changes in her life that have been leaving fans buzzing on whether she’s got a bun in the oven or not.

Several sources have been gushing that Rihanna has always planned on having children before she reaches the age of thirty, and the time may have finally come.

The singer’s style choice has drastically changed in the last few weeks; you would have probably noticed Rih now sporting more baggy clothes, or that one-piece loose outfit she wore the other day when spotted out and about with her father, Ronald Fenty (see below).

She was also seen out at a party earlier this week — where she also happened to run into Karrueche Tran — and her outfit definitely seemed comfortable enough for a woman that’s in her early months of pregnancy.

Daily Mail also goes on to note that the singer hasn’t been drinking coffee for the past month or so either. She’s now strictly drinking decaffeinated tea over her love for coffee because we all know that pregnant women shouldn’t be drinking coffee. Hmm, convinced yet?

Another insider further added that the 26-year old is no longer smoking marijuana and has kept herself on a clean cut diet where she’s only munching on healthy food and snacks to feed her appetite — but all of these changes have supposedly happened in the last month.

Take into consideration that we’ve been seeing Rihanna travel all the way out to Europe to spend some “quality time’ with her beau Drake while he was touring in London. The couple’s relationship has since been confirmed and we have no reason to believe Rihanna is not pregnant.

There were also reports circulating that the two were considering engagement plans and are supposedly rushing into a serious relationship after Rihanna confessed to Drizzy she could see herself settling down with him.

I’m so glad that love triangle between her, Karrueche and Chris is over. She’s beyond successful and has worked hard these past few years. Why not settle down for a while, have a baby, get married and put your feet up? Your career isn’t going nowhere.

Besides, Drake will still be working, right? Ha! Congratulations Rihanna… if the report does happen to be true that you’re expecting your first child.

Images via DailyMail

rihanna baby bump rihanna pregnant baby bump



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