Scarlett Johansson Talks Ryan Reynolds Divorce; Did Ryan Hold Her Back From...

Scarlett Johansson Talks Ryan Reynolds Divorce; Did Ryan Hold Her Back From Starting A Family?


scarlett johansson glamour magazineRemember that infamous split between Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson?

Well, the actress has finally opened up about it, telling Glamour magazine that the break-up was simply down to the couple wanting different things in a relationship, so they decided to part ways.

Now, knowing that Scarlett is pregnant with her first child, could the reason have been that Ryan didn’t want children — or at least not yet — and Scarlett didn’t want to wait so she moved on to her fiance Romain Dauriac? It’s a possibility, right?

“I think I know myself better. I feel I know now more of what I need in a relationship, what I want in a relationship. And I know I have more tools to communicate, not just with my partner, but with myself,” she explains.

“That’s not necessarily any reflection of who I was married to or what was happening in my marriage, but really where I was in my life. When I was first married, I was much younger.”

“And I have had the opportunity now to work more on getting to know myself. I think that makes you a better partner and somebody who is able to work with somebody and stay in a relationship in the not-romantic moments.”

It was interesting to see her then go on to say: “I have more patience with myself. I have more patience with my partner. I think that just comes with age, probably,” because she definitely seems the type of woman that would put up a fight if she doesn’t get her way. No shade. Haha.

She would later on discuss her wedding plans, telling the magazine that the whole process is really not on her mind right now seeing that she’s pregnant. She’ll just work her way up to the wedding when the timing is right because right now… she’s expected to give birth, lose weight and get back on set (to film The Avengers).

“We’re just going with the flow. I’ve never been one to do a full-on themed wedding. I don’t care about that stuff.”


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