Ashanti Performs ‘I Got It’ On Queen Latifah Show — VIDEO

Ashanti Performs ‘I Got It’ On Queen Latifah Show — VIDEO


ashanti queen latifah showAshanti continues to promote her latest album Braveheart after having performed on the Queen Latifah Show earlier this week.

The singer stunned in a pair of beige shorts, perfectly fitting with her white blouse, as she busted out her dance moves whilst singing her latest single I Got It.

Ashanti has been doing it these past few weeks, and now that it has been revealed her newest record recently shifted 50,000 copies in the United States, she’s sure to boost those sales with this performance on one of the biggest daytime talkshows on television.

I was a little surprised to learn that Ashanti would be performing on the show, simply down to the fact that her music isn’t in the demographic of people who watch the Queen Latifah Show — while Ashanti was owning the stage, the crowd were nodding their heads politely whilst sitting down. Yikes!

Either way, it’s better to make an appearance and promote your music at a place where people may not be too familiar with your work, than not do anything at all.

As we all know, the former Murda Inc. signed artist has gone the independent route with this new album, so promotions, touring and management is all handled by Ashanti herself.

She’s doing well, and if we were to break it down for you… she’s sold 50,000 copies in the States. Multiply that by $13 (per record), that’s $650,000 she’s just earned herself — and keep in mind that these are just sales from America alone.

Fun fact: Ashanti shifted around 29,000 copies in her first week. That’s double of what her on-again, off-again beau Nelly did when he released M.O last year on the Republic record label.

Ashanti is prove that going independent is the way to go!

Check her performance out below. The audience was wack but the performance was solid!



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