Demi Moore Adopting Baby From Mexico As Ashton Kutcher Expects Baby with...

Demi Moore Adopting Baby From Mexico As Ashton Kutcher Expects Baby with Mila Kunis — REPORT


demi moore funnyDemi Moore is adopting a child from Mexico after learning her ex-husband Ashton Kutcher is expecting his first child to Demi’s enemy, Mila Kunis.

Though Mila never did anything to Demi — other than steal her man while the couple were still married but separated — the 51-year old was quick to fly out to Mexico where she visited orphanages in Tijuana and Tulum.

She’s reportedly picked out the child that she sees herself taking back to Los Angeles but it will take a while seeing that she has to fill out a bunch of paperwork before the boy is allowed to make the flight to his newly “upgraded” home, one could say.

Wowza! It must be amazing going from an orphanage home to living in a mansion, right? Though, I’d rather live in a normal home than be in a mansion with Demi Moore who’s still failing to act her own age as she continues to date men in their mid 20s.

Back to the adoption process, OK! reveals: “Demi expects to have her son before Ashton and Mila have their baby at the end of the year.”

Does this woman have anything better to do than to stalk Ashton Kutcher’s life 24/7. I don’t see her ever letting go of Ashton, hence why she constantly tries to seek revenge at him and he’s paying absolutely no attention to her moves.



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