Robert Pattinson’s Girlfriend Dylan Penn Poses Naked In ‘Twist!’ Magazine — Attention...

Robert Pattinson’s Girlfriend Dylan Penn Poses Naked In ‘Twist!’ Magazine — Attention Seeking Whore? (PHOTOS)

dylan penn treats

dylan penn treatsRobert Pattinson’s new girlfriend Dylan Penn clearly has an odd way of expressing her “I don’t want to be famous” chit-chat because she’s now posing naked in Treats! latest issue.

The model can be seen completely naked whilst covering her private parts with accessories such as handbags in several shots from a photoshoot she did earlier this year, supposedly during the time she started dating Rob.

This is strange on so many levels because many of you may remember Dylan saying she didn’t want to be a Hollywood starlet, nor did she want to be famous.

She has a strange way of showing that though, don’t you think?

The photos are pretty raunchy – hence why we’re only showing you the ones which we think are acceptable to show. Her breasts are completely visible in one shot where she poses in a fishnet shirt while another one sees her completely nude whilst sporting an odd necklace.

We all know Kristen Stewart has a hard time staying faithful to the people she supposedly “loves dearly,” but at least she’s honest when she makes a mistake. She admitted to having cheated on Rob with Rupert Sanders in 2012, clearly aware that openly addressing it could hurt her career.

Meanwhile, here you have a chick who claims to be super private, wants no fame at all, yet poses nude and likes to give the “no comment” answer when asked about her romance to Rob. Why not say “we’re not dating,” as opposed to “no comment”?

Yikes — this girl seems to be a handful. Team Kristen Stewart, we need to figure something out in order for us to get Robert away from Dylan because she’s trouble. Haha.

See the raunchy NSFW pics here!



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