Gwyneth Paltrow Throwing “Divorce Party” After Split From Chris Martin!

Gwyneth Paltrow Throwing “Divorce Party” After Split From Chris Martin!

gwyneth paltrow rita ora

gwyneth paltrow rita oraGwyneth Paltrow has no heart.

How do we know this? Well, she’s throwing a massive party with her closest Hollywood friends after splitting from her hubby Chris Martin.

The bash is considered as a “divorce party,” according to OK! who allege that the actress wants everybody to know she’s not upset about the split — she wants to move on and the only way she can do so is by throwing this over-the-top event filled with A-list celebs.

“She wants to throw a big party with her closest pals — women only — to let the world know she’s happier than ever about her new single status.”

We heard earlier this year that one of the reasons for the couple’s split was down to Chris wanting to return back to London while Gwyneth put up a fight to stay in Los Angeles.

And then there were the infamous cheating allegations (which we think still played a huge part in their break-up despite Gwyneth claiming that the “rumors” were simply untrue).

Chris, how did you put up with this woman for a decade? Yikes!

The source then goes on to say that Gwyneth has already invited celebs such as Chelsea Handler, Rita Ora and Jennifer Aniston to the party which is currently being planned and set to take place sometime this month.

I’m assuming this party is going to go down while the kids are with their father, right? How awkward must it be to see mommy throw a divorce party while the children are at home witnessing their mother get drunk and celebrate splitting from their dad.

Gwyneth, get it together.



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