Michelle Williams Remembers Most Embarrassing Moments, Slams “PoorMichelle” Haters — VIDEO

Michelle Williams Remembers Most Embarrassing Moments, Slams “PoorMichelle” Haters — VIDEO


michelle williams poormichelleMichelle Williams isn’t ashamed to look back at her most embarrassing moments throughout her career.

The R&B-turned-Gospel singer has kept up with a real positive attitude despite the fact that a lot of people have been coming at her for being the “least known” and the one who simply hasn’t done anything since Destiny’s Child split.

Y’all remember how Keyshia Cole was throwing shade from left to right about Michelle’s vocals at the Super Bowl last year? Keyshia went off on how Michelle was looking crazy on stage, actually using the word “wack” to describe Wiliams’ presence next to Kelly and Beyonce.

And then last week we had the infamous trending topic #PoorMichelle, where thousands of people made photoshopped images of Michelle, portraying her in a very negative way (see photos below of the mean, but funny, comments).

Michelle sat down with TIME magazine where they played her back some of her most embarrassing moments, and after each video concluded, Michelle would give her response to what was going through her mind and how or why it happened in the first place.

The first thing that pops into everyone’s mind would be that infamous moment when Williams took a tumble on BET as she, Bey and Kells performed Solider. The fall was quite nasty and Michelle went on to blame her heels for the mishap, but rest assured that she managed to get back on her feet just seconds after.

Oh, and you HAVE to see the bit where a reporter on the red carpet fails to realize or even know who Michelle is, so when she asks her whether she’s a singer in a confused manner, Michelle walks away. Oh man, that was hilarious.

See the video below — plus photos of what people have been posting under the hashtag “PoorMichelle”. And just know, I love Michelle. She has a positive attitude and doesn’t take y’all haters seriously. Haha, love her.

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