Mila Kunis Cancels Engagement to Ashton Kutcher Over Fears Their Baby “Could...

Mila Kunis Cancels Engagement to Ashton Kutcher Over Fears Their Baby “Could Die” In Their Home


mila kunis angryMila Kunis is throwing random tantrums at Ashton Kutcher because he’s refusing to sell his multi-million dollar home that just isn’t baby proof enough for her.

The two, who live in Los Angeles, are currently feuding over their living situations now that it’s been confirmed Kunis is expecting her first child to the actor.

There’s been a lot of arguing, which is certainly not helping Mila or the baby, but she’s very passionate on how she wants things done and if she doesn’t get her way, then somebody is gonna have to pay.

Mila has called off her engagement from the Two and a Half Men star until he agrees to sell the home they currently live in and buys them a new mansion that is much safer for their baby’s sake.

Kunis is reportedly worried that once they bring their baby home from hospital, he (or she) could easily hurt themselves seeing that their home is so open to hazards to the point where not even kids are considered safe in their house. Crazy, right?

The mansion sports a “theater, a home gym, a retractable glass wall, an infinity pool and sweeping views,” and though Kunis “thinks his house is the coolest ever,” she knows that it’s not the best place for her baby to grow up in.

“The wedding is off unless Ashton can find a suitable house for their little one to grow up in. It’s become the deal breaker in their relationship.”

So you cancel your engagement because of an argument? Gee, I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen when they do get married. She’ll probably file for divorce every time an argument erupts.

Of course I’m joking because sources from tabloids such as Life & Style just can’t be taken seriously. The two have been together for three years now, they seem happier than ever and not even this bogus story is going to make them feel some type of way because they know it isn’t true.



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