Shailene Woodley Stinks: Designers Refusing To Lend Her Outfits Because Of “Terrible...

Shailene Woodley Stinks: Designers Refusing To Lend Her Outfits Because Of “Terrible Body Odor”


shailene woodley stinksShailene Woodley smells really bad, according to STAR magazine.

The actress, who has already been named as the “new” Jennifer Lawrence, is reportedly obsessed with scented essential oils that she puts all over her body, and according to a source the smell is absolutely horrible.

Here’s where it gets a little uncomfortable.

Her stylists have been having a hard time trying to get Woodley to wear designer dresses because no designer wants Shailene in their outfits simply down to the fact that whenever they hand her stuff, she returns them with a stinky odor.

“Shailene rubs these essential oils all over her body, and they aren’t very welcoming scents,” an insider dished.

“Her smell is totally offensive, and it’s gotten so bad that her stylist is having a hard time borrowing designer outfits for her to wear because she makes the gowns stink! There’s absolutely no way to get that stench out of those expensive fabrics.”

The source also blames Shailene’s stinky odor on the “fact” that she didn’t wear many gowns at the premiere of Divergent last month. No designer was willing to have her wear their clothes after having had a history with the actress returning the items with a very bad smell to them.

Hilarious, right?

It wasn’t long ago that the same tabloid made up a story about Brad Pitt refusing to wash himself and supposedly relying on the same essentials oils to “keep him clean”. Angelina Jolie, at the time, moved out of their home with the kids because “she couldn’t take the smell anymore.”

This mag really does come up with the funniest stories. Do you believe this report on Shailene using essential oils all over her body which then leads to the clothes smelling horribly?



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