Ashlee Simpson Pregnant With Evan Ross’ Baby — REPORT

Ashlee Simpson Pregnant With Evan Ross’ Baby — REPORT


ashlee simpson pregnant evan rossIs Ashlee Simpson pregnant with Evan Ross’ child?

Life & Style says the couple are expecting their first child, just months after announcing their engagement to their fans.

“Signs point to newly engaged Ashlee Simpson already expecting with her fiancé, Evan Ross,” the mag claims in their report. 

Ashlee has been staying away from anything that could harm the baby, such as alcohol at a recent event, which she surprisingly didn’t have a sip of.

When you hear that Ashlee didn’t drink alcohol at a party, that’s pretty much your confirmation that she’s pregnant.

I don’t need to fill you in on her alleged booze addiction last year that almost had her lose her son, Bronx, do I? Nope — okay. Good! Haha.

Well, in happier news, Ashlee is staying away from all things that can be considered harmful to her baby. The magazine even went on to add that at the party, which was held on March 26, Ashlee was “glowing” and looked “fuller” than usual.

“Everybody was going up to her and rubbing her stomach!”

The two are reportedly still planning to get married sometime this year which is strange because usually when women fall pregnant months before their wedding, they post-pone it so that they have  nice photos of them looking “slim” than pregnant. Makes sense. Haha.

Ashlee is setting her own rules.



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