Justin Theroux Cheating On Jennifer Aniston: Lets Female Strangers “Grab His Butt”...

Justin Theroux Cheating On Jennifer Aniston: Lets Female Strangers “Grab His Butt” At Parties

jennifer aniston dumped justin theroux

justin theroux skinJennifer Aniston is losing her mind after learning her fiance Justin Theroux has been enjoying wild nights at pubs with female strangers.

The former Friends starlet is fuming after Justin confessed to having enjoyed a night out following the premiere of Captain America: The Winter Solider last month, where Theroux didn’t seem to care about his actions.

Life & Style reports that Justin flirted with many women at the party and what made things worse is that he didn’t act like someone who was engaged to be married.

Justin was all over the place, touching other women he didn’t know, before cozying up to hem with intimate conversations.

“He was being extremely friendly with a woman at the bar who was telling him all about her screenwriting,” the magazine reveals.

“She asked if she could grab his a** — and he said, ‘Sure,’ and turned his butt toward her, and she gave it a grab! He was really enjoying the opportunity to blend in and have some fun with ‘regular’ people as opposed to secluding himself in the VIP area like he has to do when he’s out with Jen.”

This magazine is seriously starting to become a joke.

A woman comes up to him and asks if she could grab his butt and he calmly gives her permission to do so by saying ‘sure’? That’s one of the funniest thing Life & Style has come up with in a while.

Probably the funniest thing since they claimed Jennifer and Justin were adopting a baby from Africa to compete with Angelina Jolie, then the fake split, then the time they got back together, then Justin moved out, he then got jealous because she was still in love with Brad Pitt and now this.

Justin was also said to have been “relieved” to finally surround himself with regular people and not Hollywood stars that he can’t seem to form some kind of conversation with. Jen always wants him around people like Gwyneth Paltrow but Justin isn’t interested one bit.



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