Andrew Garfield On Being Nude: “I Love Being Naked,” Says He Likes...

Andrew Garfield On Being Nude: “I Love Being Naked,” Says He Likes Being “In Touch With My Own Nature”


andrew garfield talks being nakedAndrew Garfield loves being naked.

The “new” Spider-Man actor revealed in an interview with Metro UK that he doesn’t shy away from “what he’s made of,” and tells the outlet that he embraces his own nature on a daily basis.

How the question came up in the first place would be rather interesting to know seeing that it did seem quite odd since Andrew was supposed to be promoting his latest film, The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Haha.

“I love being naked. It’s important to be naked and be in touch with our bodies and not have shame about what we’re made of,” he explained. “I love being in touch with nature and my own nature.”

Good to know that Andrew likes being naked, but does Emma Stone love it as much as her beau? We have yet to find out!

What we do know is that while the two were filming the superhero movie last year, Andrew was given his new spandex suit which required him to be naked in order to wear it.

Knowing that the suit was “very tight” according to the production, Andrew joked that his “package” seemed to look as if it was in the middle of intimidating and not-so intimidating.

“It takes a lot of consideration because you don’t want it to be overwhelming and also you don’t want it to be underwhelming. You don’t want it to intimidate and you don’t want it to the opposite of intimidate.”

“So, yes there is thought, but ultimately you have to trust that what you have is enough. I had one focus group—and that focus group was Emma. She approved.”



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