Estelle Unveils ‘Make Her Say (Beat It Up)’ Music Video!

Estelle Unveils ‘Make Her Say (Beat It Up)’ Music Video!


estelle make her say beat it upFinally! An Estelle song we like.

Y’all remember Estelle, right? The one with that 2008 hit American Boy featuring Kanye West.

Yeah, well it’s not easy to remember someone that literally is only remembered for one hit, because after the success of that song, Estelle has struggled to keep people’s interest…

… that was until she released her new song Make Her Say (Beat It Up), accompanied with an awesome video that totally matches the track! Estelle is officially back on my radar.

The song is quite raunchy and the lyrics are just as explicit, but nevertheless she’s promoting love so at least it has some kind of positive message in it — and let’s face it, music isn’t anything good these days without an artist referencing some kind of sexual act.

The overall message in the song seems to be that people should love themselves for who they are because the people in the video (supposedly strangers) love their partners just the way they are.

The video also ends with the message: “No retouchers were hurt in the filming of this video. Everyone is still imperfectly perfect.” Nice!

But the reason why I like this song is simply down to the fact that the beat is so awesome, Estelle also isn’t pushing any of her not-quite-there vocals on the track – which is refreshing – and the vibe of it is dope.

No, she isn’t Beyonce, but give the song a listen. It’s pretty good. She better stick to this kind of material because it certainly suits her more.



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