Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 3 Trailer — WATCH VIDEO

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 3 Trailer — WATCH VIDEO

love and hip hop atlanta season 3

love and hip hop atlanta season 3

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta has unveiled its trailer for the forthcoming third season, and not only does it look juicy and exciting, there’s a lot of drama and new faces coming to the program.

It seemed odd for Mimi Faust to release her “sex tape” (or as we call it, a p0rno) right around the time that the first episode of the show is expected to air, but now that the trailer has been released, it all makes sense.

Mimi’s main focus this series is that she recorded herself having sex with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Nikko and Stevie J gets in the middle of things when he hears about it seeing that their daughter happens to be living with Mimi.

Stevie is worried that his daughter is being badly influenced by Mimi who’s literally selling herself for “a lot of money,” as Vivid’s CEO Steve Hirsh expressed in one of the clips.

Joseline Hernandez is also back, stirring up some drama with some of the new cast-members, including Wocka Flocka’s fiancee Tammy Rivera who gets told by pals that she should stay far away from the former stripper because she’s bad news.

This then leads on to an altercation and fights erupt. As usual.

And then there’s the super-duper fake storyline between Rasheeda and Kirk — Kirk now wants to find out whether or not the baby is actually his after having told his rapper wife in season 2 that he was in no position to have another child, arguing his case that “he pulled out” as his reason as to why the toddler couldn’t be his.

All in all, it looks like a great season.

There’s more realness in this season than the last two, and the fights seem better than ever. What’s her face is on the show too. Yikes — what’s her name again? Ah yes! Karlie Redd. Well, y’all gone have to see the trailer to see what she’s been up to.



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