Rob Kardashian’s Addiction To Sizzurp Blamed For Weight Gain Struggle — REPORT

Rob Kardashian’s Addiction To Sizzurp Blamed For Weight Gain Struggle — REPORT

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rob kardashian faatRob Kardashian is hooked on sizzurp and close family members are blaming the drug for the reality star’s struggle to lose weight.

Rob, who has complained non-stop for the past two years about his weight, has supposedly checked into a wellness center where he’s planning to not only stay clean from sizzurp, but also lose a drastic amount of pounds.

Note that the USC graduate had gained close to 100lbs since the ending of 2012. His break-up from singer Rita Ora and the loss of his friendship between him and Lamar Odom were said to have been at fault for Kardashian’s increasing weight gain.

Nevertheless, Kris Jenner and sister Kim have done nothing but encourage their family member to seek help. But it wasn’t in a sweetly manner.

Star magazine reports that the two constantly picked on Rob Kardashian in hopes that it would finally make him see sense and get the help that he needed.

Kris would often say to her son that he was the “least profitable” person in the family and that she was almost ashamed of it. Wowza! Ashamed of not making money of her son is a scandal now? Interesting.

It’s unclear how Rob’s sizzurp addiction started and how he got hooked on the drug in the first place, but one thing’s for sure… the 27-year old is slowly making progress by eating more healthy and staying clean from any substances.

We hear that Rob is not even in California anymore. His mother got him a private jet to fly out of Los Angeles last month, according to the DailyMail, though it’s not known where Rob actually ended up flying to.

Either way, he’s working hard and he’s getting there. At least so they say. Good luck to him.



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