Justin Bieber To Go On Tour With Selena Gomez: Desperate Attempt To...

Justin Bieber To Go On Tour With Selena Gomez: Desperate Attempt To Win Fans Back!


justin bieber tour selena gomezOne day after the Queen (Beyonce) and Jay-Z announced plans to go on a summer tour, Us Weekly brags about their “exclusive story” on how Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are planning to do the same.

The 20-year old, who hasn’t released an album in two years, has a lot of making up to do when it comes to his loyal fans seeing that the last few months, Bieber has surrounded himself with nothing but scandals.

Many Biebers have ditched the singer after becoming so disappointed in his behavior, so maybe that’s why he’s now planning to do a massive tour with Selena Gomez.

To try and spark publicity aimed at his fans in order to win them back, of course.

We can’t lie, seeing Selena and Justin together makes it almost seem like nothing’s ever happened. Selena has that control over Justin that suddenly makes him act more mature but when she’s gone, he acts like a total brat.

So maybe now that Selena is back in his life and thinks about the idea of going on tour with him, Justin will have a chance on reviving his music career and winning his Beliebers back.

“She says she could open for him!” the tabloid writes whilst adding that Bieber thinks the idea is awesome because he’s convinced people will definitely splash money to see the duo live in concert.

It’ll definitely be a hit, there’s no doubt about that. Whereas as a Justin Bieber concert by himself would probably struggle to sell at this point in his career after all the controversies.

It almost seems this whole thing was Selena’s idea which would be a smart move for the former Disney starlet who recently fired her parents as her manager.

And though they hate Justin, they’ve gotta accept the fact that this concert will make her a lot of money.

But why do a tour without a new album? Unless…



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