Kourtney Kardashian Pregnant with Baby Number 3: Won’t Announce It Until After...

Kourtney Kardashian Pregnant with Baby Number 3: Won’t Announce It Until After Kim’s Wedding


kourtney kardashian pregnant 2014Kourtney Kardashian is reportedly pregnant with baby number three but doesn’t plan on announcing the big news until Kim’s big wedding day is over.

Kourtney, who has been keeping a low profile in the last few weeks, has shown a lot of signs that she may be pregnant and now that sources are adding their two cents, there’s really no reason not to believe the rumors.

Apart from having sported a slightly bigger bump under her baggy dresses, Kourtney was also absent from the Kardashians’ trip to Thailand last month, allegedly because she was suffering from morning sickness and couldn’t bare the thought of being on a plane for hours.

The oldest Kardashian sister has always been vocal about wanting to have a big family of her own and she’s definitely following in her mom’s footsteps. Kris Jenner had five children, and Kourt is already on to her third in a matter of five years. Wowza!

inTouch also reveals that the 34-year old has still managed to promote the family’s new clothing range: Kardashian Kids. Whilst out to do some promotional work, Kourt would usually wear baggy outfits that were loose enough to cover the evidence of an alleged pregnancy.

So why all this hassle to shy away from the media?

Sources believe that Kim wouldn’t be happy if Kourt was to open up about her third baby because it would take away all the limelight from the 33-year old who is planning to get married to her fiance, Kanye West, next month in Paris.

The two have agreed that Kourtney will keep it a secret until the wedding is over. That way Kim won’t have to worry about having people lose interest in her highly publicized forthcoming wedding and Kourtney will still be able to cover the dozens of magazines (as usual) with exclusive interviews on her pregnancy.

What kind of mentality is that? These girls are something else. Haha.



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