Miranda Lambert Fighting Blake Shelton Over Baby — Blake Refusing To Start...

Miranda Lambert Fighting Blake Shelton Over Baby — Blake Refusing To Start A Family — (PHOTO)


miranda lambert blake cheatBlake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are splitting up, the latest issue of Life & Style writes on the cover of their mag.

Of course the story is bogus from the get-go seeing that this is the same mag that has reported several stories which have been proven to be false, but let’s just run with it, shall we?

In this week’s issue, the writers over at L&S allege that Blake and Miranda have been living an unhappy marriage for months now. 

The singer famously dropped around 30lbs – which the tabloid claims was down to the fact that Blake didn’t find her attractive anymore – but even that hasn’t stopped Blake from having a wondering eye when it comes to the ladies.

The couple have been married for three years and Miranda has been begging him to think about settling down and starting a family but every time the subject comes up, Blake pushes her away without giving any kind of explanation.

Miranda is convinced that Blake isn’t ready to have children, let alone be a good husband. His constant drinking habits are getting out of control, and when Blake is drunk, he can be a handful to deal with.

When he’s drunk, he’s also believed to be an offender with the ladies. Last year, the mag reported that Blake may have cheated on the country starlet one night when he got so drunk he couldn’t even recall the night before.

The 30-year old has reportedly made the move to leave Blake for good and find somebody else who’s not only mature enough to be called a ‘husband,’ but also someone who’s not going to drink like a maniac and refuses to have kids with his woman.

The whole “do you want kids,” thing should’ve been discussed before marriage. Perhaps Blake Shelton just doesn’t want to have kids? I highly doubt that’s the case though.

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  1. He married her as a thick woman, and think he found her thickness sexy. As far as kids, maybe it’s Miranda that doesn’t want them. These tabloids have been predicting trouble since their union, yet they’re still together.


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