Tori Spelling on Cheating Scandal: Dean McDermott “Broke My Heart,” Marriage Is...

Tori Spelling on Cheating Scandal: Dean McDermott “Broke My Heart,” Marriage Is Over

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tori spelling dean mcdermott usweeklyTori Spelling has opened up about her broken marriage to Dean McDermott which all fell apart after her husband decided to cheat on her with another woman.

Dean, who has since gone on to say he has a sex addiction problem, famously entered rehab for his “problems” and though Dean completed his stint, Tori had found it ever so hard to forgive and forget what McDermott had done to her emotionally.

“He cheated on me. One of my worst fears came true. On some level I never thought it would really happen.”

She was of course referencing to the fact that both Dean and her were married to other people when they met, cheated on their other halves and decided to get together.

When the news broke about Dean’s cheating, Tori’s hubby confessed to her that it was true, but he would only admit to having kissed the girl though Tori knew in that instant that Dean had cheated.

“He sounded remorseful. He sounded like a husband who had gotten caught. He took responsibility. He had hurt me and the family, and it all crumbled.”

“He needed to go away and work on himself. I agreed… Because what else could we do? How could we live in the same house? How could we go on?”

The reality star went on to tell the mag that she’s unsure whether or not she can save her marriage seeing that the couple have been living separate lives since January — Tori is stuck and doesn’t know where she wants to go from here.

“I don’t know if my marriage can be saved,” she admits, but says she’s trying for the sakes of their four children,” she shared with the mag.

“You don’t stop loving someone because they do something really bad to you,” but adds, “It makes you not trust anything that’s happened in your relationship.”

Tori’s weight has also caused headlines these last few weeks. She’s been looking extremely thin and that’s supposedly all down to the stress and pain she’s feeling over the cheating affair that happened back in December, right before Christmas. Yuck!

One side makes me feel bad for her, and the other makes me realize that how she got him is the same way she’s going to end up losing him. It sucks but hey, this should be your lesson not to get with married men.



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