Britney Spears’ Dad Refusing To Allow Daughter To Marry David Lucado —...

Britney Spears’ Dad Refusing To Allow Daughter To Marry David Lucado — CLAIM!


britney spears david lucado coupleBritney Spears is feuding with her father, Jamie, because he’s strongly against the idea of her thinking about marrying her current boyfriend, David Lucado.

The two have been dating for almost a year. David seems like a well-behaved guy who truly cares for Brit and her two children from her previous marriage to Kevin Federline.

But that’s exactly what Jamie’s problem is. He’s scared that Britney will end up marrying a man that’s really only after her money as opposed to her heart — as cheesy as that may sound. 

The singer and her father haven’t spoken in a while and according to OK! magazine, Brit is doing everything she can to go against her dad’s wishes and that’s by dying her hair brown.

She’s throwing tantrums and dyed her hair despite the fact that she knows she makes better money from endorsement deals when she’s blonde, the magazine claims in the latest issue.


You’d think that Jamie would be fond of David seeing that he’s been with her for a year now. Clearly at this point Brit’s father should know whether or not Lucado fits in with their family or whether he’s just an opportunist, and if that was the case, why is he still around?

Jamie is still Britney’s conservator, meaning he still has control over the singer’s money so Spears shouldn’t get too cocky with her dad otherwise he’ll cut her allowance off. Kidding. 

Let’s hope these two figure things about and Jamie allows his daughter to be the 32-year old grown woman that she is — or are you siding with Brit’s dad?



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