Chis Brown’s Mug Shot Revealed Ahead Of Court Appearance — PHOTO

Chis Brown’s Mug Shot Revealed Ahead Of Court Appearance — PHOTO

chris brown mug shot jail

chris brown mug shot jailHave you been wondering why nobody has seen Chris Brown’s mug shot yet? Well, we’ve finally got our hands on it after a certain somebody leaked it to the media.

The photo was reportedly taken in Washington D.C where Chris is currently held behind bars as he prepares for his court date in a couple of days for last year’s incident where a male fan claimed the singer punched him in the face.

Chris’ bodyguard, Christopher Hollopsy, is said to stand trial today after coming forward and admitting that his client wasn’t the person who punched the fan – as claimed in the court documents by the unidentified person – it was him.

The situation is so messy, because the only reason why Chris is still locked up in jail is simply because the victim claims Breezy hit him so hard that his nose was left broken, though his bodyguard claims otherwise.

Should Hollopsy be telling the truth, Chris would’ve been in jail in Washington D.C for no reason whatsoever.

Looking at the mug shot, it’s almost scary to think that Breezy is only 24-years of age. He looks much older in the photo that was believed to have been earlier this week. Or maybe it’s just the blonde hair that’s ageing him?

Either way, his court date is in a couple of days time and there’s no doubt that he’ll finally be freed, having already spent more than a month behind bars and supposedly showing “good behavior.”

I’m curious to know how Chris will bounce back from this big downfall he’s had this year — he’s expected to release another album later in the following months but his career is at a point where you wonder whether his fans will still support him once he’s released.

I, for one, hope Chris pulls it together.

Let me remind you that he’s only TWENTY-FOUR years old.

chris brown mug shot


  1. i have always been a fan and always will be. Sometimes people make mistakes just because he’s a celebrity makes him no different.


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