Columbus Short Threatens To Murder Wife and Contemplated Suicide: Restraining Order Filed!

Columbus Short Threatens To Murder Wife and Contemplated Suicide: Restraining Order Filed!


columbus short divorceColumbus Short held a knife at his wife’s throat and threatened to kill her if she said anything he considered to be a lie as they played “Truth or Truth” last week.

Tanee McCall recalls the fight by saying her husband came into the room with a bottle of wine in his hand – clearly drunk – and it didn’t take long for him to really lose his cool.

He demanded they played a game called “Truth or Truth” and should Tanee tell one lie, he would stab her in the leg and would gradually work his way up to ending her life, a court document read.

Reason why this is claimed in court documents is because McCall has since filed a restraining order against her partner who she says has gotten worse with his behavior problems in the last few weeks.

The couple have been arguing a lot but when Columbus pulled a knife out on her and threatened to kill her while their two-year old daughter was in the house, Tanee knew the marriage was over and she had to get away from him.

When Tanee tried running away from her hubby after he got his hands on the knife, he reportedly caught up with her, pinned her down and started chocking her as he asked questions on whether or not McCall has had affairs with men that Columbus may know.

During that night, the actor was also said to have slashed all the tires in the garage to prevent Tanee from running away or calling the police. It’s unclear how she managed to get away in the end but police were later called and Columbus taken to the station.

McCall filed for divorce on Tuesday and asks the judge to grant her sole custody of their daughter while the restraining order she has already been given means that Columbus is in no state to get anywhere near his soon-to-be ex-wife or their daughter for the time being.



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