Jennifer Aniston Desperate To Win An Oscar, Carefully Picking Roles To Get...

Jennifer Aniston Desperate To Win An Oscar, Carefully Picking Roles To Get Nominated


jennifer aniston funnyJennifer Aniston is dying to finally win an Oscar and is reportedly going to desperate measures to make this happen.

The former Friends actress has never won an Academy Award despite having been in the acting business for almost two decades. So what’s stopping her from finally being recognized?

Well, Jennifer has finally realized something that we’ve known for a long time.

Her movies are always the same — it’s usually a comedy movie and the storylines are always pretty much the same. Because of this, Jennifer has never showed any growth in her career in terms of acting.

We’re referring to most of her films, not all.

She’s never thought of the box and done something completely out of her comfort zone, but that time may have finally come because Jen-An is starting to get annoyed by the fact that she’s been in the business for so long and still has no Oscar.

Jennifer knows that she has to start challenging herself in order to even be considered for an Oscar at next year’s ceremony, which is why she’s reportedly planning to sign up on many film roles that are “out of her element.”

The actress “has been researching projects for a year that she could attached herself to, so as to insure a spot at next year’s ceremony,” OK! magazine reports.

“Taking a page from the playbook of gorgeous actresses and hunky actors who’ve been willing to look bad for serious, Oscar-winning roles, Jen is temporarily turning in her membership card to the flaxen-haired, ever-adorable club to go drab and dowdy.”

Her forthcoming movie, Cake, could potentially make it as a nominated movie for next year’s Oscars but Aniston allegedly only feels that she will get nominated if she shows some kind of improvements when it comes to her acting.

She’s been very hands-on with how she wants her character to look in the movie. The 45-year old is planning to gain a couple of pounds and look more “down and dirty” in the role to show the Academy that she isn’t just a beach-blonde actress who stars in comedy movies all the time.

She’s sporting “a shorter, mousy hairstyle, little makeup, baggy unflattering clothes and a huge scar on her cheek,” while also planning to “gain 15 to 20 pounds.”

It’s about damn time, Jennifer.



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