Taylor Swift’s “List Of Demands” For The Perfect New Boyfriend Revealed!

Taylor Swift’s “List Of Demands” For The Perfect New Boyfriend Revealed!


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Taylor Swift has made herself a long list of demands on what she wants her new boyfriend to be like.

The country starlet has been dumped so many times that she’s tired of being left heartbroken and sad — she wants to settle down with a guy that accepts her for who she is without her worrying whether he’ll cheat on her or not.

It was heavily reported that when Taylor was dating Harry Styles, she was very insecure because Harry would often flirt with the ladies which would make her feel like the One Direction member may not have been faithful to her in their relationship.

But this time, “in an effort to avoid any more trouble, she’s made a long list of what she wants in her next boyfriend,” HollywoodLife shares.

Taylor supposedly “wants someone on her level when it comes to their career, plus, they have to be hot — like leading man hot. And she would love a guy that can speak at least two languages.”

These demands seem to be completely different than to the ones she looked for in guys a few years back. In 2012, Taylor revealed that she was very much attracted to “bad boys” and that their behavior is something that she’s constantly drawn to.

“They usually have a lot to say, and even if they don’t, they know how to look at you to say it all,” she told Parade. “I think every girl’s dream is to find a bad boy at the right time, when he wants to not be bad anymore.”

Seems like that bad behavior is the thing that’s been getting her heart broken over and over again, right? It’s good to know that she’s finally moved on from those guys and learned that a man who has a softer side would probably fit much better with her.

She “wants a guy that has at least one sister because she thinks it will make him a better boyfriend. He has to have a good relationship with his parents, especially his mom, but he can’t be a mama’s boy.”

You think Taylor will find a man with these demands?



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