Beyonce Reportedly Pregnant with Second Child: Hiding Baby News From ‘Suspicious’ Friends?

Beyonce Reportedly Pregnant with Second Child: Hiding Baby News From ‘Suspicious’ Friends?

beyonce pregnant 2014

beyonce pregnant 2014Is the Queen pregnant again?

According to sources Beyonce and Jay-Z have been trying for another baby since February as OK! magazine adds that chances of Bey being pregnant are more than likely.

Uh-oh! Of course this story comes just days after it was alleged the couple were planning to go on tour together over the summer.

Note that neither Jay or Bey ever confirmed the tour that people were buzzing about earlier this week, so it’s all just speculation right now. 

But back to the baby news!

Sources close to the two revealed to the mag that right around the time the 32-year old wrapped up her Mrs. Carter tour she’s been stressing to have another baby with her hubby of six years.

They already have a baby daughter named Blue Ivy but Beyonce knew from the beginning that she wants a sibling for the 2-year old to grow up with, telling pals that she definitely doesn’t want Blue being an only child.

“Her friends are convinced she’s already pregnant. The same things that happened during her pregnancy with Blue Ivy are happening again.”

And though Bey has been open with her friends on wanting more babies, she’s not told them one word on whether she’s currently expecting or not. Probably keeping it a secret like her self-titled album last December. Haha.

Nobody knows what’s going on with Beyonce because she’s so private but we’re just going to have to take the source’s word for it, or just wait until she confirms it herself. Perhaps at the VMAs again this year?

Oh, and not to forget that Sacha Fierce has suddenly changed her diet, “keeps her hair natural at all times,” and craves for particular snacks which are the supposed signs that have alerted the people around her, the source adds.

If Bey is pregnant, I doubt she’ll be going on this forthcoming summer tour. Good news that they didn’t confirm it before they found out whether she’s pregnant or not, otherwise the Queen would’ve had to surfbooooaaaarrd on stage while her belly is popping out. Not cute.



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